About Us

The A’legions crossed keys emblem stems from ancient codes of loyalty and strength and is a symbol of uncompromising quality for A’legions’ modern wearers.

Established in 2014, A’legions’ shirts are made from the finest, cotton-blended fabrics available.  The Albini Group was one of the first manufacturers of shirting fabric in 19th-century Italy – a group of mills that continues to run today and supplies A’legions with the expertly made fabric that has been prized by many – in the UK and internationally – for several hundred years.


The intricate embroidered detailing is finished by the latest state-of-the-art machinery, allowing for a clear design-signature across the range.

A’legions’ collars have a refined, crisp appearance due to their interlining and fusing which has been achieved with the world’s experts since 1843: Germany’s Wendler.

A’legions worked symbiotically with Wendler to develop three, unique collar types:  The Cutaway, The Venetian and The Roman High.  Many collars feature edge-stitching for an exacted finish.




Additionally, A’legions has designed several pioneering constructions-techniques:  the “incorporated-bowtie”; smooth, “peel and reveal” cuff tips; the “flush inside-pocket”; and the ready-to-wear double-cuff that can be worn multiple ways.


“A’legions shirts are imbued with luxury right down to the last thread, and the fine detailing will always make you stand out from the crowd.  That’s our promise.” – Founder, Alexander Michael Woodall